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Looking for the latest cement rate today in Pakistan? In this article, I’ll update you on the latest prices of cement in the Pakistani market. Just like other industrial materials, cement prices also fluctuate after every month or so. Cement prices are a crucial topic in Pakistan since the increase or decrease in them affects the overall construction cost. 

Cement Rate Today

If you want to know the latest cement prices that are going on in the market, then you are at the right place. As you know Pakistan’s economy is in a struggling yet developing phase. There are hundreds of construction projects that happen each year big or small. Hence, several companies are making and selling cement which ensuring quality products is crucial. In this article, I’ll share the prices of all the high-quality cement brands that we have in Pakistan.

 Cement Prices in Pakistan as On July 30, 2023

In the market, there are several cement brands available, each with its own price for a 50 KG bag. Here are some of them: Bestway Cement costs between 1,125 to 1,130 PKR, Pak Cem Cement costs between 1,130 to 1,135 PKR, DG Cement costs between 1,125 to 1,130 PKR, Fauji Cement costs between 1,110 to 1,115 PKR, Lucky Cement costs between 1,110 to 1,115 PKR, Kohat Cement costs between 1,115 to 1,120 PKR, Cherat Cement costs between 1,110 to 1,115 PKR, Maple Leaf costs between 1,125 to 1,130 PKR, Power Cement costs between 1,110 to 1,115 PKR, Askari Cement costs between 1,110 to 1,115 PKR, Pioneer Cement costs between 1,105 to 1,110 PKR, Paidar Cement costs between 1,100 to 1,105 PKR, Falcon Cement costs between 1,105 to 1,110 PKR, and Flying Cement costs between 1,080 to 1,085 PKR. These prices may vary, so it’s always a good idea to check for the latest rates before making a purchase.

Cement Prices in Pakistan
Bestway Cement50kg Per Bag1215
Bestway Xtreme Bond20kg Per bag720
Bestway SRC50kg Per Bag1300
Bestway Pakcem50kg Per Bag1215
Cherat Cement OPC50kg Per Bag1205
DG Cement OPC50kg Per Bag1215
Kohat Cement50kg Per Bag1205
Fauji Cement50kg Per Bag1217
Lucky Cement OPC50kg Per Bag1195

Reason Behind High Cement Prices

Inflation has been constantly increasing for the past one and a half years as a result of which cement prices are also increasing. There is an increase of Rs. 110 every week or so in the price of cement bags containing 50kg of product. At the moment, one sack of cement containing 50kgs is selling at Rs.1100.

Reason Behind High Cement Prices

This hike in cement prices has a bad impact on the construction industry. Many businesses like construction, builders, and property dealing are suffering big time due to this price increase. Because of the increase in housing societies like the Bahria Housing Scheme in Pakistan, many new cement companies were established.

These private housing societies helped these companies stay during economic ups and downs. However, some of these companies focused only on such local schemes and didn’t consider the benefits of selling their cement to other countries.

Top Companies Suppling Cement in Pakistan

Top Companies Suppling Cement in Pakistan

The following are the top cement companies in Pakistan.

  1. D.G Khan Cement Company
  2. Lucky Cement Company
  3. Askari Cement Limited
  4. Maple Leaf Cement
  5. Attock Cement Limited
  6. Pioneer Cement
  7. Kohat Cement Company Limited
  8. Thatta Cement Company Limited
  9. Dewan Cement
  10. Fauji Cement
  11. Cherat Co. Ltd
  12. Bestway Cement

What are Black Cement and White Cement?

Black cement is low-quality cement that is used to fill big gaps and spaces whereas white cement is used to fill small spaces and major construction is done using white cement. White cement has aluminate and calcium in it which it becomes hard as rock when it is placed for finishing a surface. 

What is Black Cement and White Cement?

Choosing high-quality cement is very important in any construction project big or small. Therefore, it is advised that you select cement from a company that has 5 5-star rating.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the reason of the increase in cement prices in Pakistan?

Overall inflation is causing hikes in cement prices in Pakistan.

What other factors affect the prices of cement in the country?

An increase in transportation costs due to high fuel prices also has an impact on the prices of cement in the country.

How many categories of cement are there in Pakistan?

There are broadly two categories of cement that are available in Pakistan. Hydraulic and Non-Hydraulic.

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