SNGPL Online Bill 2023 – Download Duplicate Gas Bill

SNGPL has given the facility to its customers that they can check their SNGPL Online Bill by going to the official website of SNGPL Bill (sui gas). All you have to do is simply visit and go to the ‘’customer service’’ section.

SNPGL Online Bill

Provide the consumer number if you are a domestic consumer and login credentials in case you are an industrial consumer. Consumers can find the consumer numbers on their old sui gas bills.

Sui-Northern Gas Pipelines Limited

Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL bill) is the largest gas company in the central part of Pakistan. They have been providing gas to more than 7.22 million customers in Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Azad Jammu & Kashmir for a long time.

Sui-Northern Gas Pipelines Limited

Sui-Northern Gas Pipelines Limited has been around for over 50 years and they know how to run and take care of the pipes that carry gas at high pressure to different places. They recently completed a significant pipeline infrastructure project to accommodate additional liquefied natural gas (RLNG), allowing the supply of RLNG to different consumer sectors. SNGPL Online bill also specializes in developing gas transmission and distribution networks for Special Economic Zones (SEZs).

Steps to Follow to Check the SNGPL Online Bill

Steps to Follow to Check SNGPL Bill
  • Visit or you can click the button below to check the Sngpl Dubplicate online bill.
  • Go to the ‘’Customer services’’ section.
  • Click on ‘’Consumer Bill’’ if you are a domestic consumer. Provide the consumer number, fill in the captcha, and submit the information to view the Sngpl bill.
  • Click on ‘’ Industrial Consumer’’ if you are one. Provide your login credentials and click on submit to view the bill. You must register yourself with them in order to get login credentials.
  • Domestic consumers can find the consumer number on their old Sui Gas bills.

How to Find Your Consumer Number on SNGPL Online Bill:

Checking your consumer number on your SNGPL bill is easy. Just look for your account ID on last month’s gas bill. Check out the image below for a reference.


Domestic Applications in SNGPL

Sui-Northern Gas Pipelines Limited also provides the facility to their domestic consumers that they can apply for their domestic Connection of SNGPL Online bill. This process is also quite hassle-free and has proved effective as well. All you have to do is simply go to the website and click on the link provided there for the online application.

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Domestic Applications in SNGPL

By clicking on the click provided on their website you will directed to the application form. Provide all the required information accurately. You will be given a reference number once you submit your Sngpl online application to track the application status. You can check whether your application is rejected or approved by entering the reference number.

SNGPL Bill Online Payment

SNGPL Bill Online Payment
  • Internet Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • SNGPL Mobile Application
  • ATM’s
  • Nadra Kiosks
  • All Scheduled Banks
  • GPOs / NPO’s

What is the Mission of SNGPL?

Sui Gas Northern Gas Pipelines Limited Bill also known as SNGPL. SNGPL Bill is basically the payment invoice method that is provided to the customers or users of Sui Gas supply. The Sui Gas which is provided is the Natural Gas for which the customers have to pay a bill for the consumption of Sui Gas.

What is the Mission of SNGPL

SNGPL works with a mission of supplying pure and natural gas supply all across the country. The organization aims to supply gas which should be environment friendly. Also, SNGPL ensures to provide the natural gas supply which should be maintained with its non-interrupted and constant supply.

What is the Minimum Bill in SNGPL?

When there is no consumption of natural sui gas on a domestic or commercial scale or when the sui gas usage is less than a suggested limit, there is a system of providing minimum bills by SNGPL. The minimum bill in SNGPL is decided on the basis of a set limit by OGRA. OGRA is the Oil and Gas Authority.

What is the Minimum Bill in SNGPL

This minimum bill by SNGPL is valid for all of its users like domestic users, commercial users, or users at power stations, etc. Another important thing about the minimum bill in SNGPL is that it does not include any sort of charges like General Sales Tax or charges for the sui gas meters.

Minimum Bill Payment at the Commercial Level:

  • Any sort of registered or established organization, business firm, or other commercial spots like established markets, eatery places, clubs, etc. have minimum SNGPL Bill charges per month of 6,415.00.
  • Cement factories have minimum charges per month of 45,588.90, and Ice factories or industries have 6,415.00.
  • Tandoors have minimum charges of SNGPL per month which is 148.50.
  • CNG stations have 45,803.10.

Minimum Bill Payment at Domestic level:

  • All those places where Sui Gas supply is provided through bulk meters including hospitals, schools, colonies, Universities, etc. have minimum SNGPL Bill charges per month are 3,900.00.
  • Places like mosques, hostels, etc. have minimum per month charges are 172.58.

Minimum Bill Payment at Power Stations:

  • Places, where power is produced independently, have a minimum bill payment per charge of 29,416.80.
  • The minimum bill payment at captive power stations per month is 36,449.70.
  • Gas turbine power stations of WAPDA have minimum SNGPL charges per month is 975,000 which are fixed.
  • Gas Turbine power stations of Liberty Power Plant have a minimum bill payment of 44,972.79.
  • Power stations of WAPDA etc. have minimum bill payment per month charges are 29,416.80.

Where Can I Make Payment for my SNGPL Bill?

The domestic as well as commercial users of Sui Gas and Natural Gas Supply can pay their monthly bills from SNGPL at the following branches of the Banks.

  1. Faisal Bank Limited.
  2. Allied Bank Limited.
  3. Sama Bank Limited.
  4. Meezan Bank Limited.
  5. National Bank of Pakistan.
  6. First Women Bank.
  7. Habib Bank Limited.
  8. United Bank Limited.
  9. Soneri Bank Limited.
  10. Askari Bank Limited.
  11. Bank Islamic Limited.
  12. Muslim Commercial Bank Limited.
  13. National Investment Bank.
  14. Habib Bank Limited.
  15. Bank Alfalah Limited.


Can I check SNGPL bill online?

Yes, you can check the SNGPL bill online through their official website.

Does SNGPL provide the facility to apply for a new connection online?

Yes, domestic consumers can apply online for a new SNGPL connection through their website.

Can I pay the SNGPL bill online?

SNGPL bills can easily be paid online through mobile banking channels, JazzCash, Easypaisa, or the SNGPL mobile application, etc.

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