SSGC Online Bill 2023 – Download Duplicate Gas Bill

Sui Southern Gas Company consumers can check and pay their sui gas bills online by going to the website of SSGC. The process is quite easy and costs nothing. All you have to do is simply go to the website  and click on the ‘’View Bill’’ option.

SSGC Duplicate Bill

Once there, you will be required to provide the 10-digit consumer number which is written on the SSGC Duplicate bill (Gas Bill). You can find this number on your old SSGC bills and can use it to check the latest SSGC Online Bill.

Sui Southern Gas Company

SSGC, Sui Southern Gas Company is basically a natural gas provider that is responsible for providing sui gas to the provinces of Sindh and Balochistan. The Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) is a big company in Pakistan that provides natural gas in the southern part of the country. It serves two provinces: Sindh and Baluchistan.


The company was created in 1955, and its current form came about on March 30, 1989, when three companies (Sui Gas Transmission Company Limited, Karachi Gas Company Limited, and Indus Gas Company Limited) merged together. SSGC provide sui gas to almost 2.6 million consumers every month.

How to Check SSGC Online Bills?

How to check SSGC Online Bill?
  1. Go to the SSGC bill website
  2. Click on ‘’Pay/View Bill.
  3. Provide the 10-digit consumer number.
  4. You can find this number on your old SSGC Online bills.
  5. You can also download the duplicate copy of the bill.

If you don’t have your SSGC Online bill or haven’t received it yet, and today is the last day to pay it, don’t worry. You can easily get a copy of your SSGC duplicate bill. Just visit this website, and you can download the current bill for October 2023 or the previous bill for June 2023. You can even get an advance copy of your next bill for November 2023, just a day or two after the reading date.

To download the SSGC Online bill as a PDF, you’ll need to enter your consumer number or customer number. You can also print this copy to make the bill payment. So, it’s simple and convenient!

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Reference Number of Sui Gas Bill?

Sui Gas bill which is sent to the customers has a specific number for the identification of the bill and it is the reference number of the sui gas bill. This reference number is written on the top left corner of the SSGC bill.

Different Payment Options of SSGC Duplicate Bill:

Following are the options through which Sui gas bills can be paid.

Different Payment Options of SSGC Duplicate Bill:
  1. Application of SNGPL: Sui Gas consumers are supposed to download the application of SNGPL to pay the sui gas bill online.
  2. Banks: SSGC consumers have the option to make their payments of the SSGC bill by visiting any bank branch physically.
  3. NADRA Office: The consumers can pay their SSGC bills by visiting any nearby NADRA office.
  4. Bank ATM: Bill payments can be made through ATMs of banks.
  5. Banking Applications: There is another option of Banking Apps like Easy Paisa, Jazz Cash, etc. through which sui gas bills can be paid.
  6. Online Banking: if the SSGC consumers have online banking, then the sui gas bill can be paid through it.

Time Schedule of Sui Gas Supply:

Pakistan is suffering from inflation and lack of resources. Like other resources, Sui Gas reserves have been depleting to a major extent. Also, Pakistan is not in a position to purchase Sui Gas reserves. So, the SSGC has decided to increase the Gas prices and make a schedule of providing Sui Gas in which timings are specified for Gas supply.

Sui Gas Supply Management:

Sui Gas Supply Management
  1. Sui Southern Company Limited has made sure to supply Sui Gas on a domestic level for cooking purposes at home. So, that the citizens can cook food easily amid the shortage of Gas.
  2. The management of Sui Gas Company has directed the natives to adopt the alternative of Sui gas. The shortage of gas in the country has forced people to purchase LPG for domestic use.
  3. Sui Southern Company Limited has taken measures to supply Sui Gas to ensure that Sui Gas is supplied at the domestic level for cooking. These measures are taken during winters when the gas supply shortage is the major issue.
  4. All the above-mentioned efforts were made for the management of Sui Gas supply by SNGPL so that the citizens are facilitated that the daily life activities that depend on natural gas should be continued.

Head Office of SSGC:

The head office of Sui Southern Gas Company Limited is located in Korangi Karachi Sindh.

Final Verdict

SSGC, sui Southern Gas Company is sui gas transmission company in Pakistan responsible for distributing natural gas in the provinces of Sindh and Balochistan. SSGC facilitates the consumers that they check and download the latest SSGC duplicate Online bill by going to the official website of the department and providing the 10-digit consumer number.

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